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Chaiwala USA was founded in 2018 by Sajida and Fuad Jacksi, a wife and husband team, who are passionate about sharing their love for chai with the world. Our signature chai blends are hand crafted using pure, high-quality ingredients necessary to make that perfect cup of chai. Our chai reflects our heritage with influences from our Indian, African and Middle Eastern cultures. We use a robust black tea from East Africa, Sri Lanka and India as the base for all of our blends. Our spices are of the highest quality and ethically sourced from all over the world. Not only are our tea blends organic, vegan and non-gmo, they are hand-blended and packed locally in Long Island, NY. 

 The Karak Chai, our very first blend, is a perfect breakfast chai that boasts a strong, bold flavor. This classic blend, a combination of black tea and sweet cardamom, is a staple in homes across the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent.

The Spice Chai, our take on the traditional masala chai, is an exquisite combination of traditional aromatic Indian spices and rich black tea creating a brew that warms the soul. Spicy ginger and clove, sweet cardamom, cinnamon and star anise, mellowed by delicate notes of rose, create a blend that awakens the senses and lifts your mood. 

The Saffron Chai is a luxurious blend of our bold black tea infused with the sweet, earthy notes of vibrant red saffron and freshly ground cardamom. This unique blend takes you on a journey of exotic flavors and aromas.

Rose Chai, affectionately referred to as ‘gulabi chai’. It is a fragrant tea infused with rose petals and sweet cardamom. Rose tea has a host of health benefits accompanied by a naturally rich taste and an intoxicating floral aroma.

In addition to loose-leaf tea, we offer chai concentrates, instant chai pre-mixes, organic spices, chai infused candles and wax melts. With the recent launch of our chai catering service, our chais can now be enjoyed at your special occasion. We provide our signature blends in a beautifully decorated chai cart accompanied by a delicious dessert table spread.